U.S. Rents It has a wide variety of linens. To see their true colors stop by our Jefferson City or Columbia location.

  • Napkin- Many Shades Available
  • Chair Shawls (covers the back of folding chairs)-Sheer White, White Lace, 
  • 54” x 54”-Orange, Hot Pink, Emerald Green, Lime Green, Raspberry, Light Pink, Yellow, Royal Blue, Purple, Hunter Green, Turquoise, Jade, Periwinkle, White, Ivory, Burgundy, Black, Chocolate, Light Blue, Red
  • Table Runners-Many Colors Available
  • 90” x 156” (covers an 8’ table to the floor)-White, Ivory, Black
  • 60” x 60”-Ivory Satin w/Trim, White w/Cut Leaf Design
  • 72” x 72”-White, Ivory, Black
  • 81” x 81”-White, Ivory, Purple, Black, Chocolate, Gold
  • 60” x 120”-Chocolate, Burgundy, Red, Hunter Green, Navy, Gold, Silver, White, Ivory, Black
  • 90” Round-White, Black, White Lace, Hunter Green, Ivory, Navy, Red, Burgundy, Silver
  • 120” Round-White, Black
  • 16’ Skirting-White, Ivory, Black, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy, Purple, Gold  (22' White also available)