Food Service

Food Service in Jefferson City, MO and Columbia, MO

Cutlery and Serving Utensils
Gold Teaspoon
Gold Desert Fork
Silver Teaspoon
Silver Dinner Knife
Silver Dinner Fork
Silver Dessert Fork

Stainless Soup Spoon
Stainless Teaspoon
Stainless Dinner Knife
Stainless Butter Knife
Stainless Dinner Fork
Stainless Dessert Fork
Stainless Cocktail Fork
Serving Spoon
Slotted Serving Spoon
Steak Knife
Punch Bowls
Serving Trays: Silver, Cupcake Tree, Glass Trays, 3-Tier Trays, Silver Cake Plate, Cake Stands
Coffee Makers/Servers: 55 Cup, 100 Cup, Silver Servers
Chafers: Full Size, ½ Size, Round
Beverage Servers: Coolers, Glass Decorative Jars, Thermo Coolers
Fountains: Champagne Fountains, Cake Fountains, Chocolate Fountains, Fondue Pot
Misc.: Bread Baskets, Champagne Buckets, Tea Sets

Glass Jar
Cupcake Stand
Top Hat Champagne Bucket
Double Punch Bowl

Buffet Server
Silver Square Cake Plate
Silver Round Cake Plate
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